How to Create a Team

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Members of any group will develop, over time, different modes of interaction. As in any organization there are many groups. Stages of the construction of a working team:

-the construction: Since the first moments in which the group is formed, its members begin to familiarize with each other. This period is one in which relationships are build with knowledge and explanation of the situation. Often this period is characterized by uncertainty due to the fact that individuals do not have sufficient information about each other. For this reason, the leader will have to intervene and decide all these uncertainties that may occur.

-the tension: This period is characterized by relatively large number of conflicts and tense moments generated by misunderstanding or questions, despite the fact that group members feel more secure than in the first stage. Unit group is still not consolidated because their members have not yet clarified the roles that they have met. The leaders are the ones that are designed to generate a good mood inside the group. The members are encouraged to communicate, and to decide issues, to understand the real situation and most importantly, to mobilize to achieve its objectives. Leader with the ability to determine these actions can be an advantage of the strategists.

-the normal stage: This period is installed immediately after the roles are well established and accepted by all members and the previous problems have been cleared. In this stage the team is formatted

-action: Represents the period in which one becomes mature and is focused on achieving goals and solve the challenges faced. He is able to perform complex tasks and work to resolve internal disagreements in creatively. In this stage the members know each other and previous issues have been resolved, the atmosphere is relaxed and interactive.

-the dissolution: This stage is not present in all groups. Some groups are formed specifically for the fulfillment of tasks in a limited time. Is important for the group members to have the ability to quickly assemble team for a clearly specified objective, to dissolve soon after reaching it and to be able to form a new team if necessary.

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How to Create a Team

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This article was published on 2010/03/28